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I do not use words to write stories...

I capture  with my camera  the real stories of real people, with  moments and emotions that can be relived again and again.

I like to be an unobtrusive guest,

 an unnoticed observer  who captures  the event as it unfolds.

Capturing moments that go unnoticed and are special because of their authenticity.

Chicago wedding photographer

Kind Words

We're grateful for the way in which you captured the delighted enjoyment shared by us, our friends, and our families as we all celebrated together. Great job! Additionally, we appreciated working with you beforehand and your unobtrusive presence during the ceremony and reception. Many, many thanks!  
Kevin & Catherine

We can not thank you enough for an outstanding experience that surrounded our wedding photography. It was truly phenomenal!

When Matt and I started all of the wedding planning we agreed that photography was one of the elements that we cared about the most. The quality and character of your work truly did not disappoint. You were so much fun to work with we did not realize you were working your magic on the other end of the lens until we saw the pictures. You have captured so many beautiful and artistic shots that we will cherish for a lifetime.

Deanne and Matt 

The obvious passion for your work and your sense of artistry clearly distinguished you from other photographers we considered for our wedding day.

We are so pleased with the images of our wedding... these are photos that will endure, not concerned with current trends in the wedding industry but rather high-quality photography that captures all of our loved ones at their best on this most special occasion.

Thank you for an excellent job and for delighting us with the quality of your work!

Kristen & Ryan

Thank you for capturing the emotions of wedding day in such a creative and artistic manner. I have spent hours and hours smiling as I look at the photos and relive the amazing day. You captured and combined the beauty of nature in the photos at the beach and later at the sunset with radiant joy of Christie and Vic's love for her. These photos will be a treasure for a lifetime. 

Tom & Carol

I get so many compliments on my wedding photos and absolutely love the book you put together. You caught so many precious moments and never seemed to be noticed. I could not have asked for anything more. Everything I wanted, you caught and then some. I can sit and look at my album for hours and never get tired of it. Pictures are truly beautiful. Thank you so much for everything you did.


Thank you so much for all the beautiful photos of our wedding. They really captured the day perfectly. I think I have looked through our album everyday since we have had it. Every time we share it with our friends and family, I find myself looking over their shoulders and smiling once again! Thank you again for your professionalism and very personal touches you added to our wedding memories! Your work truly captured all the unforgettable moments of our day.

Stacey and Michael 

Working with you was effortless. We just had to be ourselves and, amazingly, we came away with some incredible images. You have the talent and the eye for capturing quiet, special moments that are intimate and personal.

Erin & Justin


My story

Born in  the family of a photographer, I was introduced to photography at a very young age.

Growing up, I was always surrounded by piles of family photos. During the winter months, I relived the summer memories by going through the boxes filled with our summer photos. When looking at the black and white photos of my parents when they were young, I was transported to a different era.

The old photographs held a magical power for me, they captured the memories, stories, emotions and love.

My father was a professional portrait photographer, opening his own portrait studio at the young age of 21. He met my mom, when she came to apply for a position of assistant at his studio. And this is how my parents' love story began. Since then, they have been inseparable, working and traveling together.

They captured in black and white film the era of simple days, when dancing to bing band music was a Saturday night highlight.

I was photographed a lot as a child and I also watched my parents to photograph others.Photography was everything, it was work, it was hobby, it was passion.

From a very young age I had a creative talent  and drawing became my favorite pastime as well as reading. As a teenager, I had to give photography a try and was smitten by it. I transformed our small bathroom into a dark room where I developed my own prints.

 I was able to witness the magic when the white paper slowly came to life with scenes from our lives, transported as if by magic onto the piece of on blank paper, where nothing existed before.

The technical knowledge of black and white photography I learned from my father by first observing and later actively learning and helping out at the studio.

My first camera was my father's vintage Flexaret. It is still with me today and reminds me of where I came from and how it all started.

  • Old family photos, Monika Caban, photographer
  • Old family photos, Monika Caban, photographer
  • Old family photos, Monika Caban, photographer
  • Old family photos, Monika Caban, photographer
  • Old family photos, Monika Caban, photographer
  • Old family photos, Monika Caban, photographer
  • Old family photos, Monika Caban, photographer
  • Old family photos, Monika Caban, photographer
  • Old family photos, Monika Caban, photographer
  • Old family photos, Monika Caban, photographer
  • Old family photos, Monika Caban, photographer

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